Factions and Power Players

The Corporations

Interex Global Conglomorate – Ruthless and powerful, IGC is one of the fastest growing and well connected corporations in the galaxy.

Gigatech Applied Robotics – Though the newest of the SuperCorps, Gigatech’s innovative robotics designs and cutting edge weapons division make sure this corporation is not taken lightly.

Gendyne Pharmaceuticals – Gendyne is the premier source for designer medicine and drugs, both enhancement and recreational. Gendyne scientists work around the clock to creat the substances that create a better you.

[The Pan-Asiactic Collective] – Risen from the former goverments of the old Asian Dynasties, the PAC has established itself as a worldwide leader in cutting edge nanotechnology and electronics.

The Rebel Factions

The Republic of Mars – Rebellious Mining Colonies turned legitimate governmental body.

The Freebooterz Fraternity of Pirates – Loosely affiliated band of cutthroats, mauraders, and killers who plunder for fun and profit.

The Eye of Terra – Terrorist Cult opposed to genetic manipulation and cybernetic enhancement of the human form.


The Mercenary Guild – An extremely organized group of manhunters, soldiers, spies, and assasins that enforce a strict neutrality, working for the highest bidder, and cutting all ties once the job is done.

Free Merchants – Traders not affiliated with a Corporation. Often hired out to transport goods that companies do not wish to be tied back to.

Factions and Power Players

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