Kiff Keenan

5th level Fixer - Idealistic Intrusion Specialist - Joe Larson


Character name, Kiff Keenan.

Age, 28.

Education: Tech school for the young and gifted, majored in computer programming with a focus on security systems programming.

Family background: Kiff’s Father, Aurthur Keenan, is the current division leader for Giagtech Applied Robotics Special Armaments Division. His mother is dead. No known siblings.

Recent history: Worked in network security for his father for several years before becoming disenchanted with his fathers work, and disappeared for awhile. He spent time in off world slums, making contacts, hacking ATMs, and getting shot at by local authorities. Kiff dislikes violence, but if he has to, can wield a pistol with some skill. He has made it a life goal to end the arms trade, and stop the slaughter of innocent life. This puts him at odds with his father.

Kiff knows the ins and outs of network security, and if he doesnt know how to hack something, he can usually figure it out. Most of the network code being written in the corporate world was designed by his former classmates.

Interex Global Conglomerate has frequently hired Kiff for clandestine contract work through their aquisitions department.

Kiff Keenan

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