The Afrikaan

5th level Pointman - Dilante Playboy gunman from the Dark Continent - Nick Snow


Lvl5 Pointman Str:8 Dex:15 Con:13 Int:15 Wis:12 Cha:17 VP:48 WP:13 Fort:+4 Ref:+5 Will:+4 Init: +5 Def: 14

Skills: Bluff:8 Bureaucracy:6 Computers:8 Demolitions:6 Diplomacy:13 Disguise:6 Electronics:6 Escape Artist:10 First Aid:2 Forgery:6 Gather Information:8 Hide:6 Innuendo:5 Intimidate:4 Languages:4 Move Silently:4 Open Lock:6 Search:5 Sense Motive:4

Feats/Abilities: Filthy Rich, Light/Med Armor, Melee Wpn Prof, Handgun/Rifle Prof, Versatility(7), Generous, Assistance(1/2 time), Lead(2/Session), Tactics(1/Session), Ride Shotgun



The Afrikaan

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