Levi Thomas

5th Level Wheelman - Joe Farley


Name: Levi Thomas

Department: Urban Assault

Title: Driver/Pilot/Body guard/Assassin

Age: 29

As a teenager and young adult Levi was a criminal. His main crime was stealing vehicles; however, he generally didn’t do anything besides destroy them. Occasionally he’d be hired as a wheel-man for a heist from a local crime syndicate. This was where his skill really showed. He showed outrageous skill, out maneuvering professionally trained drivers for law enforcement.

Eventually he was caught by a private military owned by a company named Interex Global Conglomerate’s. Rather then imprison him they offered him a chance to refine his skills, get an education, and earn a living. He graduated their prestigious pilot’s school at the top of his class and eventually joined their military urban assault team as a driver and pilot; capable of piloting virtually every consumer and military grade vehicle with precision and grace.

As time passed the company gave him more shady jobs. He was hired to drive a for an enemy executive for an assassination on Mars. On one outing he received a message the the job had gone bad and the assassin had been killed by a group of rebels. It appeared that the executives body guard had also caught wind of the situation. The body guard must have suspected Levi of being on the wrong side and pulled a gun on him in the car. Thinking quickly Levi took the gun shot the body guard. Needing to destroy the evidence he found a deep canyon and drove the car off the edge. He jumped out of the car with only seconds to spare. The car exploded destroying the evidence and completing the assassination. After that point Levi Thomas was known as Demolition Man by colleagues and insiders. The enemy company never even knew the assassination took place.

Levi Thomas

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